One space currently available in Year 1
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The School Day

Timings of the School Day

8:50am - Children line up on the playground
8:55am - Registration
9:00am - Lesson Time
10:15am - Assembly
10:30am - Playtime
10:45am - Lesson Time
12:00pm - Lunch Time
1:10pm - Afternoon Registration
1:15pm - Lesson Time
3:30pm - End of School
4:30pm - Usual finish time for after-school clubs (please check for individual timings)

Start of School

Please do not arrive with your child at school until 8:40am and do not leave your child unattended as there will be no supervision on the playground until 8:45am. Please wait in the playground with your child until they are asked to line up at 8:50am. A teacher will send the children in to their class teacher ready for registration.

If you arrive late with your child, please report first to Jenny in the office to sign in and inform her if your child will require a school dinner. Please encourage independence by asking your child to hang up their own coat in the cloakroom.

End of School

Early Years children can be collected at 3:30pm from the side door (yellow door) to the hall. The children will be handed to parents one by one so please ensure that you stand near to the door and that you can be seen.

The year 1 to 4 children go into the playground and wait with their teacher until an adult comes to pick them up. The children understand fully the need to stay with their teacher for safety reasons.

If you have been delayed and will be late to collect your child then please inform the school as soon as possible. Children will be asked to wait in the school library until you arrive.

Special Assemblies

We often hold special assemblies for parents to attend through the year. These will be advertised in the school newsletter and on the school website and usually take place at 9:15am. Parents are usually invited to take their seats in the hall after the children have lined up. Please ensure that young children are kept with their parents so as not to distract the children as they have always worked hard on their performances.

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